Olympus development seeks to add more residential space

Sep 13, 2021

A large mixed-use development in Lake County is looking to put more emphasis on residential space in its proposed project.

Winter Park-based Olympus Sports & Entertainment Group LLC wants to adjust its site plans to allow for 58.48 more acres of residential space in its 243-acre Olympus community in Clermont.

The proposed changes — set to go before Clermont City Council for the first time on Sept. 14 — would increase the total land devoted to residential to more than 83.34 acres, but maintain the total housing unit count at 1,088.

“The applicant has indicated that these program changes are due to changes in market conditions, the current housing demand and the pandemic,” Clermont government staff wrote on the changes. “Staff has noticed that the increase in land area for residential use has increased roughly by 50 acres from the original proposal while non-residential uses, mainly the wave pool area in the northeast corner and the hotel in the southern area, have been eliminated.”

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